Saturday, May 29 – Sunday, Sept 5
Reservations Only
(Reservations available one week in advance)
Open Tuesday – Sunday
Closed Mondays
Refer to our Schedule Page for more information on reservations.
Refer to Swim Lessons Page for more information on registering.


  • We will re-evaluate Federal, State, County, and Local Regulations daily.  We follow the most strict of all guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.  Changes based on these guidelines that impact our participant requirements will be changed as soon as is prudent.  Changes to the schedule will be made monthly.
  • Guests are required to wear a mask unless they are in the pool or actively taking a rinse off shower.
  • Maintain 6 foot distance from anyone who is not from your household.
  • Water fountains are not allowed for use.  The sink water in the bathrooms is potable and available to fill up your water bottles.
  • We have two unisex single person/household bathrooms for use.  Only one person/household allowed in the bathroom at a time.  Lockers not available. Please limit your use to less than 5 minutes.
  • Please come ready to swim and if possible change at home.  We do have showers but we ask you to limit use to rinse off the chlorine before heading home to change.
  • Patrons will enter the pool and check in through the back gate.
  • We will have chairs available for you to put your personal items on.  We will have compostable wipes available for you to wipe down your chairs before use.
  • Based on social distancing guidelines and the social distancing calculator, we will continue with the reservation-based system, and limit the number of people in the following manner:
    • Lap Lanes: Lap Lanes 1-3 will be available to two people in the same household (The cost is $4 per person even if it is two to a lane; you can reserve the single lane online then call to add the second person or pay upon arrival).  Lanes 4-6 will still be for individuals only.
    • Steps Rental Area: The area near the lap pool steps will continue to be rented out for $12.  The max number of people for this household zone is 6.
    • Household Reservation Open Swim: Each Household Reservation is good for 1-10 people at the allotted reservation time.  We will have 1-4 Household Reservations available when the schedule says Household Reservation Open Swim.
      • The reservation allows you access to the whole pool including the diving board with the exception of the stairwell area.  Your household will be assigned an on-land zone to hang out in when not in the pool.
      • A household reservation is made by one person and is reserved for $12.  The initial $12 covers the  cost of the reservation and admission for 3 people.  Each additional Household Reservation guest after the third person will be charged a $4 admission fee.
        • Example: If you reserve a Household Reservation for you and your spouse you pay $12.  If you reserve a Household Reservation for you and your five kids you will pay $12 at the time of the reservation.  Upon arrival at the pool you will pay an additional $8.

The John M. Fleet Pool has both a hot soak pool and a lap/leisure pool. The lap/leisure pool contains over 120,000 gallons of water and has 6 lap lanes, being 25 meters in length with a depth range of 3’6″ to 10′ deep. The temperature of the lap pool is maintained between 82 and 86 degrees.  The hot soak pools is 18.5×17.5 feet, being 18″ deep, and the temperature is maintained between 102 and 104 degrees.

 For more information please call the Pool Front Desk at 970-510-1275 or the Pool Manager at 970-510-1276.