Upcoming Pool Programs

Lifeguard Training

Start date: June 16, 2023 – End date: June 19, 2023
Time: Friday: 4:30-7:45 Saturday & Sunday 8am – 5pm
Location: Carbondale Pool

Certified Red Cross Lifeguard Training

This blended learning class will require about 14 hours of online training followed by 20 hours of in water training/skills tests.  To take this course you must be 15 years of age on the final day of the course and pass the pre-course swim test held Friday, June 16th. This test includes a 300 meter swim, 2 minutes of treading water in the deep end (using legs only), and a brick retrieval at 7-10 foot depth of water; first swimming 20 yds to the brick, surface diving down to retrieve the brick, then kicking back to the starting point with the brick being held on your torso with two hands.

To pass the course you must pass the online test and successfully complete all skills both on land CPR and in water rescues as well as complete the final out group and individual tests.

If you work for the Carbondale Pool for the 2023 season you will be reimbursed for the cost of the course.