Meadowood Drive
Carbondale, CO 81623

To get here: Hwy 82 to Hwy 133.  Go south towards Redstone.  Turn left at the stoplight by the Fire Station (Meadowood Drive).  Follow to the end of the road.  Courts are on your right.

The Young Calaway Alpine Bank Pickleball Courts are OPEN FOR THE SEASON.

2 Pickleball Courts are reserved the following date and time for Carbondale Parks and Recreation Youth Pickleball:

September 12-28

The Darien Tennis Courts are OPEN FOR THE SEASON.

Tennis Courts 1, 2, and 3 are reserved the following dates and times for private rentals:

September 24, October 1, 8, and 15

Tennis Courts 1 & 2 are reserved the following dates and times for private rentals:

October 3

The Town will provide for access by RFPA and the general public to the Young-Calaway Alpine Bank Pickleball Courts, and make the site available for regularly scheduled pickleball play, subject to the following priority of use:

  1. Town of Carbondale Programs and Activities
  2. Roaring Fork Pickleball Association
  3. Intergovernmental Youth Club Sports
  4. Carbondale Youth Club Sports
  5. Carbondale Residents Groups
  6. Area youth Sports Groups
  7. Adult Groups Non-profit
  • The Town will provide public access to the pickleball courts at times when scheduled and posted activities are not taking place.
  • Open court times will be available to all on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The courts are available to all on a one-hour honor system if players are waiting
  • Open court time can be reserved thru the TOC Parks and Recreation Department AT $20/per hour per court
  • Open court time can also be designated for IGA uses by the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Open court time can be reserved thru Parks and Recreation Department for clinics, exhibitions, fundraisers and tournaments.

Designated Court Access for RFPA allows RFPA to determine play protocol depending on who shows up and the level of play. RFPA will manage this and collect a $10 drop-in fee from non-members during the designated RFPA posted times.

The Town will provide designated access to these pickleball courts for RFPA’s members at the following times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
7am-11am (Summer Season)
10am-2pm (Shoulder Season)

Tuesday & Thursdays 5pm-until closure due to darkness.

There are no upcoming events.