1. Campground fees are payable at registration. Check-in time is 1pm.  Check out time is 11am.  Please check out or re-register with Camp Host on duty before 11am (subject to availability).

CANCELLATION POLICY: The Carbondale Recreation Department and the Gateway RV Park has a 48 hour cancellation policy for all programs and facility reservations. Failure to give 48 hours’ notice prior to start of program or reservation will result in a non-refund of your reservation fee for the Gateway RV Park.  Cancellations made prior to 48 hours in advance of start of program or reservation will result in a full refund minus a $10 administration fee.  The refund check will be processed through the Town of Carbondale Finance Department (this may take up to three weeks) and sent to the address on file. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $20 processing fee.

  1. There is a 2-week maximum stay for all RV sites and a 1-week maximum stay for the group tent site. In order to re-book, you must vacate the RV Park for at least 1 week before you may stay again. Holiday Weekends will require a minimum 3-night stay (you will be charged Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights regardless).  Holiday Weekends include Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, Mountain Fair Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend.
  2. Quiet Hours are 10pm to 7am and are strictly enforced.
  3. Generators are not to be used in the campground unless there is a power failure. Please respect your neighbors.
  4. Only one vehicle per site. (Additional vehicles will need to be parked below the RV Park in the boat launch parking area.)
  5. RV Sites may only have 1 RV per site, and tents are only allowed in the group tent site.
  6. Maximum 6 guests per site.
  7. Keep campsites free of debris. Dispose of trash in the dumpster located at the entrance to the park.
  8. The speed limit within the campground is 5 mph.
  9. Proper sewer fittings are mandatory for sewer hookups.
  10. Campfires are allowed in fire rings only. Fires to be no more than 2 feet high and MUST BE OUT BY MIDNIGHT!
  11. Music and loud noise or disturbances are not allowed. Please, out of courtesy to other campers, keep the noise down.
  12. No smoking in the bathroom areas.
  13. We are animal lovers, very fond of pets and appreciate the fact that people recognize their pets to be an integral part of the family. However, please respect the following rules:
    1. Owners must pick up after their pets
    2. All pets must be kept on a leash and under their owner’s control
    3. Pets are not allowed in bathrooms and showers
    4. Pets will never be left unattended at the camp area or RV
    5. Please mindful and respectful of your fellow campers and neighbors at all times in regards to your pets
  14. Any vehicle parked in violation of these Rules and Regulations, or in violation of signs posted throughout the Park, may be towed from the Park at the expense of the vehicle’s owner.
  15. Any person who fails to comply with any of the above rules will be subject to verbal warnings for minor infractions and/or removal from the park for repeated or major infractions (no refunds will be issued).
  16. If you will be arriving later than 8pm, please inform the camp host as a courtesy.
  17. If you plan to vacate the park prior to the end of your reservation, please inform the camp host on duty.
  18. Camp hosts will do their best to honor site requests, but please understand this may be subject to change.
  19. If you book an RV site that is smaller than your rig, you will be moved to an appropriate-sized site if available, and if not available, you will be asked to leave the park and be charged a cancellation fee.

Due to the limited capacity of our tanks at the park, non-guests will no longer be permitted to utilize the dump station. The Gateway RV Park is unable to accept any US Mail, UPS packages or Fed Ex deliveries. Fireworks, aerial unmanned drones, model aircraft, and rockets are prohibited in the Gateway RV Park, unless Town approved with permission expressly granted. Since we are located within 5 miles of an airport, your aerial unmanned drone flight would also need permission granted by the Air Traffic Controller.