The current phase for the Aquatic Facility Master Plan is the public survey.  The survey is currently online at the link below.  We also have a QR code!

To make informed decisions while taking the survey, we have created a page with the existing pool conditions.  Please visit our Existing Pool Info page to familiarize yourself with the layout, features, and amenities of the existing John M. Fleet Pool.  The features are listed in both video and written format detailing  current strengths and weaknesses of the pool.

New Pool Info

Proposed Budget: 4-6 million dollars

Proposed Pool Locations

Current Location on 7th & Main St

Strengths and Opportunities

  • Central location
  • Easy access: on bus route, easy to walk or bike to
  • Sunny location with views of Sopris and connection to park
  • Expansion to street and into Sopris Park for larger pool footprint and multi-pool/splash pad options
  • Interaction with nature including removal of invasive elm trees and planting more native shade trees (some may view as concern)
  • Current working relationship with all neighbors

Weakness and Concerns

  • Ditch: may have to cover, or it may limit some expansion
  • Potential expansion may limit space for Mountain Fair
  • No onsite parking
  • Prime corner for potential development of other more lucrative businesses
  • May be costly to revise or demolish existing infrastructure
  • No sidewalk access on 7th street, you have to walk on the road
  • Construction: limited pool season, equipment staging concerns, construction impact on neighbors

New Location behind the Recreation Center

Strengths and Opportunities

  • Located near bike path
  • Limited, but more options for parking
  • Views of Red Hill
  • Potential to connect with Rec Center for one entry point to Rec or Pool
  • Closer to municipal building
  • Slightly larger area to build on with potential for landscaping with existing park

Weakness and Concerns

  • Removal of half of the current parking lot behind the Rec Center
  • Adjacent to industrial park
  • If an initial connection is wanted with the Rec Center this would involve renovations to the Rec Center in addition to the new pool
    • A new Master Plan would need to be done potentially increasing the cost significantly and delaying construction by years
  • May require the return of a large GOCO grant given for park
  • Potential double renovation costs
    • If a new pool and bath house are constructed separate from the Rec Center and expansion for Recreation Center, Town Hall, or Police Department is needed, both sites would have to be looked at for renovation
  • Unknown soil conditions
  • Unknown neighbor approval