Throughout the facility closure certain instructors are providing at home workouts.

The workouts will be released on the day of the normally scheduled class times.  The current classes we are offering home workouts for are:

  • M.W.F Circuits and Conditioning with Nevada
  • M.W.F morning Yoga with Joanne
  • M.W Interval Training with Audrey
  • W Silver Sneakers with Margaret
  • T.Th Core Cardio with Kerri
  • T.Th Chair Yoga with Fran
  • T.Th 4pm Yoga with Sana on Zoom
  • T.Th 7:30am Alpine Training with Lisen on Zoom
  • F 8am Foam Rolling with Judy on Zoom
  • F 9:15am Silver Sneakers with Sana on Zoom
  • F 10am Tai Chi with John on Zoom
  • Sat 10am Zumba with Sana on Zoom

If you would like an at home version of a particular class please email Margaret at with the name(s) of the class(es) you would like workouts for.  

A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility.

Yin Yoga 
Slow-paced with postures/asanas that are held for longer periods of time to increase circulation in joints and improve flexibility.

Circuits and Conditioning 
High energy circuit based workout combines resistance training with high intensity interval training. Emphasize functional movement, strength, and coordination

SilverSneakers Classic 
A variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activity for daily living.

Body Pump 
A barbell based class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body. High repetition movements with low weights.

Interval Training 
This 30-minute class is designed to provide a great strength training/cardio workout.

This is your six-pack class. It is designed to target your core and strengthen your abs and back.

Summit Conditioning 
Our most advanced class. Incorporating free weights, kettlebells, box jumps, TRX, Dynamax balls, and more!

Core Cardio 
Great combo workout starting with 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of total body sculpting.

Chair Yoga 
Move your whole body through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses. Chair support is offered to safely increase flexibility, balance and range of movement.

Hatha Yoga 
Classes will increase your range of motion, facilitate relaxation and release tension. For all fitness levels!

Alpine Training 
A total body workout through interval training with high intensity cardio, strengthening, coordination, and endurance exercises. It’s a circuit format using resistance items and body weight to build fitness.

Foam Rolling 
The poor man’s massage! Keep your muscles in shape for all your summer activities.

Tai Chi 
Active postures/movements combine with mental focus, breathing, and relaxation to promote balance and stability.