The Town of Carbondale Boards and Commissions have stated missions, events and volunteer opportunities. Visit the various Boards and Commissions web pages listed below for additional information.   There are vacancies on the following Town of Carbondale Boards and Commissions :

The Parks and Rec Commission meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 7-9pm via Zoom.

If you are interested in being on the agenda, please contact Eric at prior to the Friday before the meeting.  If you are interested in watching the meeting, please contact Kae at at least 2 hours prior to meeting time. 

Carbondale P&R Assessment Tool

Commission Members
Hollis Sutherland, Chair
Rose Rossello, Vice Chair
Ashley Hejtmanek, Member
Leslie Keery, Member
Susan Rhea, Member
John S. Williams, Member
Eli Cohen, Youth Member
Drew Sorenson, Member
Luis Yllanes, Board of Trustee Liaison

Alternate Member position available, contact Kae McDonald for application or details:


2023 Agendas:

1-11-2023 P & R Packet
2-8-2023 P & R Packet
3-8-2023 P&R Packet


2022 Agendas may be found below:

11-08-2022 P & R Packet
10-12-2022 P & R Packet
09-14-2022 P & R Packet
8-10-2022 P & R Packet
07-13-2022 P & R Packet
06-08-2022 P & R Packet
05-18-2022 P & R Commission Work Session
05-11-2022 P & R Packet
04-13-2022 P & R Packet
03-09-2022 P & R Packet
02-09-2022 P & R Packet
(*Additional pages for 02/09/2022: Considerations and Discussion Points Staggered Terms)
01-12-2022 P & R Packet

For meeting minutes, please visit: