The Parks and Rec Commission meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 7-9pm via Zoom.

If you are interested in being on the agenda, please contact Eric at prior to the Friday before the meeting.  If you are interested in watching the meeting, please contact Kae at at least 2 hours prior to meeting time. 

Commission Members
Hollis Sutherland, Chair
Rose Rossello, Vice Chair
Ashley Hejtmanek, Member
Becky Moller, Member
Kathleen Wanatowicz, Member
John S. Williams, Member
Tracy Wilson, Member
Celeste Fullerton, Student Representative
Brian Soby, Alternate
Luis Yllanes, Board of Trustee Liaison
Eric Brendlinger, Parks & Rec. Director
Jessi Rochel, Community Center & Rec. Programs Manager

The latest Agendas may be found below:

7-14-2021 P & R Packet
6-9-2021 P & R Packet
5-12-2021 P & R Packet
4-14-2021 P & R Packet
3-10-2021 P & R Packet
2-10-2021 P & R Packet
1-13-2021 P & R Packet

For meeting minutes, please visit: