PRIVATE CLIMBING SESSIONS: Please contact Will Tempest to set up a lesson: wtempest@carbondaleco.net

Private Lesson Rates (All lessons are 1 hour each)

1 Private Session $60
3 Private Sessions $165
5 Private Sessions $250
10 Private Sessions $450
1 Buddy Session $60 (2 people) & $75 (3 people)
3 Buddy Sessions $195 (2 people) & $225 (3 people)
5 Buddy Sessions $300 (2 people) & $350 (3 people)
10 Buddy Sessions $550 (2 people) & $650 (3 people)
See below for Climbing Waiver, Level 1 Bouldering Certification, Level 2 Top Rope/Autobelay Certification, Level 3 Lead Certification, updated Wall Rules, and more!

CRCC Climbing Wall Information

Hours: Our climbing wall is open during regular CRCC hours except during classes and clinics. Please check at the front desk for a current schedule.

Pricing: Climbing wall access and certifications are included with all memberships and day passes. Clinics and private lessons require an additional fee. Please contact front desk for pricing.

Certification: Anyone wishing to use the climbing wall must sign a climbing wall waiver and complete a short Level 1 (or higher) certification with a staff member (see below).
*Certifications will be granted only at staff member’s discretion based on climber’s proficiency and are not guaranteed with CRCC membership, day-pass purchase, or completion of class or clinic.

Level 1: Bouldering Only

What: This is our most basic certification and requires no prior experience. Climbers with a Level 1 certification are not allowed to belay other climbers or use the auto-belay.
When: This certification can be completed with staff members during business hours
Age: 14+ **
Prerequisites: None

Level 2: Top-Rope and Auto-Belay

What: Climbers with a Level 2 certification may climb on auto-belays and belay other climbers who have at least a Level 1 certification. To obtain a Level 2 certification you must safely and comfortably demonstrate top-rope belaying with an ATC belay device, clipping into and climbing on an auto-belay, tying a figure-8 follow-through knot, and performing safety checks and standard climber-belayer communication.
When: Facilitated climbing hours or by appointment
Age: 14+ **
Prerequisites: Prior knowledge OR completion of our Top-Rope Climbing Clinic OR Private Lesson.

Level 3: Lead Climb and Belay

What: This certification requires that climbers safely and comfortably demonstrate safe lead climbing and belaying, ability to take and catch a lead fall, good rope management while climbing and belaying, correct clipping technique, and communication and safety checks.
When: Facilitated climbing hours or by appointment
Age: 14+ **
Prerequisites: Level 2 certification and prior knowledge OR completion of CRCC Indoor Sport Leading Clinic OR Private Lesson

*Facilitated Climbing Hours: Wednesdays 5pm-7pm
A staff member will be available to complete Level 1, 2, and 3 certifications on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested in learning the skills required to complete these certifications, you may sign up for a clinic or private lesson.

**Children under the age of 14 may be certified at the discretion of an instructor after participating in one or more of our youth climbing programs or demonstrating exceptional proficiency with skills required.

Questions about the CRCC climbing wall or programs?
Contact Jessi at jrochel@carbondaleco.net or call the Front Desk at (970)510-1290

Children’s Level 1 Climbing (Beginner)

Start date: January 6, 2020 - End date: March 16, 2020

Time: 3:45-4:45pm

Location: CRCC Climbing Wall

An introductory climbing class for younger children and first-time climbers. This course focuses on building confidence and basic technique through games and fun activities while teaching safe practices, fundamental vocabulary, and an age-appropriate introduction to climbing equipment.

Ages: 6-8 yrs
Day: Mondays
Dates: Session 1: January 6, 13, 27; Session 2: February 3, 10, 24; Session 3: March 2, 9, 16
Cost: $45/session
Min/Max: 3/6
Reg. Deadline: One week prior

Children’s Level 2 Climbing (Intermediate)

Start date: January 8, 2020 - End date: March 18, 2020

Time: 3:45-4:45pm

Location: CRCC Climbing Wall

This course is designed to review and build on skills learned in the Children’s Level 1 Climbing Class, introduce older children to those concepts, and allow students to have fun and build confidence as they progress at their own pace through technical skills practice and technique-focused activities. This course is open to all ability levels.

Ages: 8+ yrs
Day: Wednesdays
Dates: Session 1: January 8, 15, 29; Session 2: February 5, 12, 26; Session 3: March 4, 11, 18
Cost: $45/session
Min/Max: 3/6
Registration Deadline: One week prior